Accounting and Finance Review (AFR)
Vol.2(1) Jan-Mar 2017
The Comparison of Two Data Mining Method to Detect Financial Fraud in Indonesia
Author(s): Tarjo and Nurul Herawati
Affiliation: University of Trunojoyo Madura, Indonesia
Keywords: Detecting Financial Fraud, Beneish M-Score, Logit Regression, K-Nearest Neighbor.
Received: January 2, 2017 | Accepted: February 28, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(1) Page: 1 – 8
Transcendental and Social Accountability in Productive Waqf Assets
Author(s): Tumirin, Iwan Triyuwono, Aji Dedi Mulawarman and Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias
Affiliation: Muhammadiyah University of Gresik, Indonesia
Keywords: Transcendental; Social; Accountability; Post-Phenomenology; Tawhid.
Received: January 7, 2017 | Accepted: March 3, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(1) Page: 9 – 16
The Assessment of Client Creditworthiness Using Predictive Methods Based on Multivariate Discriminant Analysis
Author(s): Anna Siekelova and Erika Spuchlakova
Affiliation: Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Zilina, Slovak Republic
Keywords: Trade Credit; Trade Credit Receivables; Late Payment; Predictive Model; Z Score; IN 01; Taffler Model; G Index; SAF 2002.
Received: February 1, 2017 | Accepted: March 14, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(1) Page: 17 – 21
Business Model of Islamic Microfinance Institution: Indonesia Case
Author(s): Imron Mawardi, Tika Widiastuti and Ari Prasetyo
Affiliation: Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia
Keywords: Islamic Microfinance Institution; Business Model; Social Function.
Received: February 4, 2017 | Accepted: March 16,2017
Type of Paper: Review | Vol. 2(1) Page: 22 – 30
Transparency and Accountability of Local Government by Internet Financial Reporting in Ex Besuki Residency
Author(s): Isti Fadah, Astri Kurniawati and Purnamie Titisari
Affiliation: Faculty of Economics, University of Jember, Indonesia
Keywords: Transparency, Accountability, Local Government, Internet Financial Reporting, Public Information Disclosure.
Received: January 19, 2017 | Accepted: March 10, 2017
Type of Paper: Review | Vol. 2(1) Page: 31 – 37
Exploring the Relationship between Working Capital Management, Profitability and Capital Structure
Author(s): Abdalla Geth Abdussalam and Mohd Ridzuan Darun
Affiliation: Faculty of Industrial Management, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Keywords: Working Capital Management; Capital Structure; Profitability.
Received: January 21, 2017 | Accepted: March 12, 2017
Type of Paper: Review | Vol. 2(1) Page: 38 – 45
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