GATR Journal of Management and Marketing Review (JMMR)
Vol. 2 (4) Oct-Dec 2017
The Influence of Brand Equity and Green Marketing of the Decision to Purchase Honda Beat Series in Surabaya City
Author(s): Syaifurrizal Wijaya Putra, Tatang Ary Gumanti
Affiliation: University of Jember, Jalan Kalimantan 37, Jember, Jawa Timur 68121 Indonesia
Keywords: brand equity, green marketing, marketing, decision to purchase, regression analysis
Received: August, 8, 2017 | Accepted: December, 16, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(4) Page: 1-6
The Relationships among Perceived Stress, Athletic Burnout and Leisure Participation for the Badminton Player
Author(s): Chih-Wei Lin, Ching-Chi Wu, Jen-Wei Chen, Bo-Hao Lai, Su-Shiang Lee, Wei Peng Tan
Affiliation: University of Technology,Jifeng E. Rd., Wufeng District, Taichung, 41349 Taiwan
Keywords: Hierarchical Regression Analysis, Stress Source, Leisure Coping, Badminton Player
Received: August, 13, 2017 | Accepted: December, 5, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(4) Page: 7-12
Transformational Leadership vs. Change Self- Efficacy and Its Impact on Affective Commitment to Change
Author(s): Denvi Giovanita , Wustari L. Mangundjaya
Affiliation: Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, Kampus Baru UI, 16424, Depok, Indonesia
Keywords: Affective Commitment to Change; Change Self-Efficacy; Globalization; Leadership; Organizational Change; Transformational Leadership.
Received: August, 19, 2017 | Accepted: December, 2, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(4) Page: 13-18
Strengthening Research Self-Efficacy and Research Productivity through Research Culture Implementation
Author(s): Raden Lestari Garnasih, Ina Primiana, Nury Effendi, and Joeliaty
Affiliation : University of Riau, Pekanbaru, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung , Indonesia
Keywords: Research self-efficacy, research productivity, research culture, higher education
Received: August, 13, 2017 | Accepted: December, 7, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(4) Page: 19-26
A Comparative Review of Turnover Models and Recent Trends in Turnover Literature
Author(s): Abdul Samad , Roselina Ahmad Saufi
Affiliation: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Keywords: Turnover, Organisational Reputation, Organisational Prestige, Work life Balance.
Received: August, 21, 2017 | Accepted: December, 1, 2017
Type of Paper: Review | Vol. 2(4) Page: 27-35
Experiential Marketing to Increase Net Marketing Contribution Margin (NMCM) through Customer Value
Author(s): Khusnul Khotimah
Affiliation: Department of Management Universitas Yapis Papua, Indonesia
Keywords: Customer Value, Experiential Marketing, Net Marketing Contribution Margin (NMCM), Marketing Communication
Received: August, 5, 2017 | Accepted: December, 14, 2017
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 2(4) Page: 36-42
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