GATR Journal of Management and Marketing Review (JMMR)
Vol. 3 (2) Apr-Jun 2018
A Study on the Willingness to Develop Sports Tourism in Taiwan
Author(s): Chih-Wei Lin, Wei-Ming Chen, Wei Peng Tan, Su-Shiang Lee, Wen-Hua Yang
Affiliation: Jifeng E. Rd., Wufeng District, Taichung, 41349 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Keywords: Place Attachment; Willingness; Sports Tourism; Tourism Impact.
Received: March 7, 2018 | Accepted: June 2, 2018
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 3(2) Page: 61 – 66
The Effect of Compensation on the Performance of Police Hospital Employees in Bandung, Indonesia
Author(s): Astadi Pangarso, Ibnu Harry Darmawan, Irmansyah Ihsanul Kamil
Affiliation: Telkom University, Jl. Telekomunikasi Terusan Buah Batu, 40257, Bandung, Indonesia
Keywords: Compensation; Performance; Hospital; Employee Performance; Indonesia.
Received: March 19, 2018 | Accepted: May 22, 2018
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 3(2) Page: 67 – 74
Knowledge Management in a Higher Education Institutions
Author(s): Choirul Saleh, Siswidiyanto, Hermawan, Ali Maskur
Affiliation: Public Administration Department Universitas Brawijaya, MT. Haryono Road 163, 65145, Malang, Indonesia
Keywords: Higher Education; Knowledge Management; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Collaboration; Public Administration.
Received: March 5, 2018 | Accepted: May 25, 2018
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 3(2) Page: 75 – 83
Work Load Analysis on State-Owned Companies in The Health Sector in Bandung-Indonesia
Author(s): Gianti Gunawan, Yus Nugraha, Marina Sulastiana, Diana Harding
Affiliation : Padjadjaran University, Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM.21 Hegarmanah-Jatinangor-Kabupaten Sumedang,45363, Bandung, Indonesia
Keywords: Bandung; Health Sector; Indonesia; State-Owned Company; Workload Analysis.
Received: March 11, 2018 | Accepted: April 29, 2018
Type of Paper: Empirical | Vol. 3(2) Page: 84 – 89
Local Culture, Internal Marketing and Employee Satisfaction in Improving Financial Performance: A Case Study of Microfinance Institutions in Bali
Author(s): I Putu Astawa, Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati
Affiliation: Tourism Business Management, State Polytechnic of Bali, Jimbaran 80361, Bali, Indonesia
Faculty of economics and Business, Udayana University, Jimbaran 80361
Keywords: Local Culture; Internal Marketing; Employee Satisfaction; Financial Performance; Microfinance Institutions; Bali.
Received: March 11, 2018 | Accepted: June 2, 2018
Type of Paper: Empirical. | Vol. 3(2) Page: 90 – 95
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