Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review
Vol. 3(2) 2015
Determinants of Systematic Risk of Banking Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Author(s): Paulina Yuritha Amtiran, Rina Indiastuti, Sulaeman Rahman Nidar, Dian Masyita
Affiliation: Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia
Keywords: Banking Sector, Capital Market, Determinant, Risk, Systematic Risk, Indonesia
Received: March 13, 2015 | Accepted: April 24, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 26-33 | Citation: 0
The Effect of Environmental Performance, Foreign Ownership and Leverage to Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (Study on Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange)
Author(s): Musfialdy, Enni Savitri
Affiliation: State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, Indonesia University of Riau, Indonesia
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Performance, Foreign Ownership and leverage
Received: March 14, 2015 | Accepted: April 26, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 34-39 | Citation: 0
Organizational Creative Climate in Determining the Work Innovativeness among the Knowledge Workers
Author(s): Cheng Ling Tan , Mei Yan Ho
Affiliation: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Keywords: Organizational creative climate, work innovativeness, Structural Equation Modelling, ICT, engineers.
Received: March 7, 2015 | Accepted: April 12, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 40-53 | Citation: 0
Strategic CSR based on Local Wisdom for Corporate Sustainability (A Case Study on Sugar Factories in Karesidenan Besuki)
Author(s): Yosefa Sayekti, Taufik Kurrohman, Purnamie Titisari
Affiliation: Universitas Jember, Indonesia
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, company sustainability, strategic CSR, sugar factory, partnership program and community development
Received: March 25, 2015 | Accepted: April 22, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 54-61 | Citation: 0
Utilization of Productive Zakat Model on Poverty Reduction in Jember Regency
Author(s): Ririn Irmadariyani, Andriana
Affiliation: University of Jember, Jember, Indonesia
Keywords: zakat; productive zakat; utilization of productive zakat model; poverty reduction
Received: March 24, 2015 | Accepted: April 20, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 62-68 | Citation: 0
Factors affecting the Adoption Decision of Home Grown Medical Technology in Malaysian Hospitals: An Exploratory Study
Author(s): Zarina Denan , Nur Zana Mat Nur, Mailud.Balal
Affiliation: University Technology MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia
Keywords: Adoption decision; Developing countries; Home Grown medical Technology; TOE; TAM
Received: March 10, 2015 | Accepted: April 16, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 69-79 | Citation: 0
Perception of the Service Experience: An Exploration of Public Sector in PDAM Tirta Khatulistiwa Pontianak West Kalimantan Using Repertory Grid Technique.
Author(s): Nur Afifah, Ahmad Shalahuddin, and Ilzar Daud
Affiliation: University of Tanjungpura, Indonesia
Keywords: Customer experience, service experience, service experience model, repertory grid technique, public sector, model of service, PDAM.
Received: March 10, 2015 | Accepted: April 13, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 80-88 | Citation: 0
Philosophical Study of Interference in Setting the Legal Protection of Bank Customers in Indonesia
Author(s): Theresia Anita Christiani
Affiliation: Atma Jaya University, Indonesia, Indonesia
Keywords: legal protection; law; banking; philosophical; customer-bank
Received: March 17, 2015 | Accepted: April 22, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 89-95 | Citation: 0
Gender, Subsidies and Financial Capital Impact on Microfinance Institutions Performance
Author(s): Maheni Ika Sari, Retno Endah Supeni
Affiliation: Muhammadiyah Jember of University, Indonesia
Keywords: gender, subsidies, financial capital, ROA, microfinance institutions.
Received: March 27, 2015 | Accepted: April 20, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 96-100 | Citation: 0
The Contribution of Health Law to Social Change
Author(s): Anny Retnowati
Affiliation: Atmajaya University, Indonesia
Keywords: Health Law; social change
Received: March 28, 2015 | Accepted: April 14, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 101-107 | Citation: 0
Child Protection through Intercountry Adoption with Special Reference to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption 1993
Author(s): Nadhilah A.Kadir , Azizah Mohd , Roslina Che Soh@Yusoff , Najibah Mohd Zin
Affiliation: International Islamic University Malaysia,
Keywords: alternative care; child protection; Hague Convention 1993; intercountry adoption; permanent family care;
Received: March 22, 2015 | Accepted: April 23, 2015
Type of Paper: Conceptual | Page: 108-116 | Citation: 0
The Influence of Entrepreneurship Orientation on Organizational Learning, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, and Company Performance at Small and Medium Enterprises in West Java
Author(s): Artarina D.A. Samoedra , Hayun Setiawan
Affiliation: Widyatama University & Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia,
Keywords: entrepreneurship orientation; organizational culture; business strategy; company performance.
Received: March 18, 2015 | Accepted: April 22, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 117-124 | Citation: 0
Macroeconomic Determinants of FDI Inflow: Malaysia Evidence
Author(s): Sridevi R.K. Narayanan , Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker
Affiliation: HELP University, Malaysia
Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, Labor Productivity, Multiple Regression, Trade Openness, Malaysia.
Received: March 14, 2015 | Accepted: April 23, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 125-134 | Citation: 0
Determinants of Women Involvement in Sarawak Cooperative Movement
Author(s): Jati Kasuma Ali, Yusman Yacob, Cynthia Gundu Bullok, Rashinah Binti Hossen
Affiliation: Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak, Malaysia
Keywords: Cooperatives; Life Impulse; Environmental Influence; Women Entrepreneur.
Received: March 21, 2015 | Accepted: April 11, 2015
Type of Paper: Empirical | Page: 135-142 | Citation: 0
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