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Resources for Librarians


We know that librarians are at the forefront of information management and dissemination. We are committed to providing you the tools you need in order to better serve your users. To fulfil this goal the efforts of our Library Sales staff are twofold: We gather information regarding the needs of libraries and provide it to those producing new products at GATR. We also provide you with the information you need on our current and forthcoming products in order to better manage your collection development. Our Library Representatives are ready to assist you. We also offer the following services to aid you:

GATR provides the Open Access Books in PDF format. Librarians are permitted to link these books, to self-archive all or part of the content. We invite librarians around the world to link to our content and contact us via if necessary in order to provide their researchers with academic material which is accessible without financial or technical barriers.


GATR, through its many imprints, proudly provides high-quality books for School Libraries, Public Libraries, and Academic Libraries. You can find books specifically suited for your library by searching through our digital catalogues, browsing through subjects of interest to your library patrons. Additionally, we offer professional books for librarians if you are looking to further your own studies. If you'd like to be notified of new releases or receive special promotions and discounts, please contact us via


Resources for Booksellers


Booksellers are the human connection between the publisher and the reader. We appreciate and value your work.


Our books are printed on high quality acid free paper. We welcome booksellers to order our books. The more you order, the more discount we will provide. For more information, please contact


We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can best serve librarians and booksellers. Please contact